5 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained During Travel Without Screens

We recently traveled for the first time on a plane with our 3-year-old daughter, and I wanted to be sure she wasn’t going to be on an iPad for 5 plus hours. So I I asked a few moms how they keep kids entertained while traveling and here’s what they had to say about screen-free entertainment for kids!

Top 5 ways to keep your child entertained without a screen

1. Window Clings

My daughter was so entertained with these during our flight to Georgia. They come in a variety of themes!

2. Erasable Doodle Book

A notebook they can reuse over and over again. The color easily wipes off with just water.

3. Magnetic Wooden Blocks

Create many shapes and stacks for endless entertainment. The magnets will also ensure that the set stays together!

4. Water Wow

Another take on the traditional coloring book. The color “pen” is filled with water and pages can be dried off and reused.

5. Stacking Rocks

stacking rocks

I love that these can be used for stacking or creating artistic shapes.



  • Start with a list- make one for each child with their specific needs
  • Note any medication(s), special toys or special items that make leaving home easier 
  • Snacks, water- we love this snack box and this leakproof water bottle!

✔️Know what activities you’re doing and the weather- this will be your guide as you are packing shoes + clothing

✔️Minimize shoes and only pack those you know your child likes and fit well

  • Pro Tip – if you are taking any new clothing, consider washing it before your trip to minimize risk of rash or skin allergy.

✔️Keep your child excited about the trip by calling it an “adventure”

What we’ve found from recently traveling with our 3-year-old is that keeping the focus on the adventure part kept our child curious and even tempered.

✔️Allow yourself and child to be flexible with changes in schedule + routine

You will most likely be out of synch with your normal time zone. Do you best to go with the flow and trust that your routine will resume when you get back home.

✔️Make sure to unpack upon returning home and get everything back into its original space

Getting all your things put away after a trip might be one of the hardest parts of traveling. I do recommend getting this step done as soon as possible so that you can focus on the good memories instead of the dirty laundry staring you in the face.

Enjoy your time traveling with your child as they really so grow up fast! My own memories of traveling with my mom and dad as a child have stayed with me forever. Hopefully these screen-free alternatives will make your next trip with kids that much smoother.