3 Ways To Use Your Gift Cards

Lili holding pyrite
Lili holding pyrite

Gift cards, in theory, appear to be the perfect clutter-free gift. They allow the receiver to buy whatever they want or need, though their store options have most likely been narrowed. I think most people give gift cards with mindful giving at heart. They want the recipient to purchase a gift that aligns with their current lifestyle.

But why do we find it so hard to use gift cards? I often see stacks and piles of them in utility drawers, desk drawers and file cabinets. I personally have a Dry Bar card from 2015. Why???

I firmly believe that everything in our home carries energy and this is also true of gift cards – they embody the energy of money. When they aren’t put to use and sit for weeks, months or years, the flow of money may start to feel tight, constricted or out of balance. It’s no different than a sweater you’ve never worn that’s taking up precious closet real estate. 

I’ve designed a few ways to get your gift cards into action and with any luck, this will create little more abundance in your life. Be open to noticing what shifts occur after you get your gift cards out of the drawer and back into the cycle of wealth consciousness.

3 ways to ACTIVATE YOUR GIFT CARDS and get THE financial energy FLOWING!
1. Regift 

Give the gift card to someone who will actually use it…a friend, family member, coworker, your child’s teacher, etc. They’ll appreciate it much more than your drawer!

2. Exchange

Exchange the gift card online for another that you’ll actually use or for cash. Better yet, host an in-person gift card exchange with friends and everyone leaves with a card they will use.

3. Shop

Use the gift card! Take a few minutes to walk around your home, look in your closets and cabinets, and take note of what needs to be replaced…and then replace them!

Having trouble staying organized? Most stores also have organizing and home supplies, so you can get creative and check out bins, baskets, drawer dividers and more.

Have a restaurant gift card but no time to eat out? See if they have delivery or pickup options and bring dinner home instead.


Keep the gift cards at hand! Do not put them in a drawer but instead keep them in your wallet or purse. Keep the card visible and easily accessible. When you see it you use it!