1 Quick Tip: What You See is What You Use

The human brain is a complex machine. We use it all the time for many intricate and varied functions, and in order to do this it is designed to streamline the vast array of input it receives into manageable portions – only the most important information is retained on file. You simply don’t have the time or mental acuity to remember where everything is all the time. This is why it so important to see the things you want to use! The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” is just as true today as ever.

So if you can put it somewhere visible, do it. You’ll use your possessions way more, and if you think creatively you can get a decorative conversation starter out of it, too! This goes for stands of jewelry, open shelving for shoes, clear pantry containers, or even just the way you organize your t-shirts in the drawer (folded and filed with the pattern showing, of course). And remember, if you don’t like it enough to keep it out in the open, you probably don’t like it enough to keep it at all. Happy organizing!