Jacqui Getty, Wardrobe Stylist

Working with Lili and her team helped me shed layers of old energy and lifetimes of clothing I no longer needed. I am finally able to breathe deeply in my closet after she and her team put everything in order. Everything has a place and everything makes total sense. It’s so much easier to find things and get dressed. My closet is finally the jewel box boutique it was always meant to be.

Jill Ahrens

Working with Clutter Healing drastically reduced my stress levels. We moved from another state and while the movers unpacked us, nothing was set-up in a very practical or thoughtful way. Lili and her team sorted, rearranged and organized our entire home and were instrumental in helping us remove a ton of stuff that no longer fits our current lifestyle.  Their calm supportive attitude transformed our home in just a few sessions. They blend the practical and spiritual effortlessly leaving your space transformed and rejuvenated. 
After working with Clutter Healing®, Inc., our lives feel so much more in balance, so much more in flow. Opportunities that we never thought possible began coming to us and we are certain it is because of the Clutter Healing touch. We’ve learned that letting things go allow space for others to come in!

Kelly Sawyer, Co-President Baby 2 Baby & Fashion Director

Lili has changed my life in so many ways… helping me let go of things I thought I could never part with! She has organized my life down to every last nook and cranny, every drawer and cupboard. Not only is she a positive energy to be around, both my husband and I have asked her to move in with us on numerous occasions to to keep our lives sane.

Jessica Alba, actress & Founder, The Honest Company

Lili organized my closet just a few days before an In Style magazine photo shoot. I had a lot going on at the time and felt overwhelmed with the idea of beautifying my closet by myself. I felt confident standing before the camera crew with the closet color-coordinated, organized and looking ultra chic. Lili brought in a few decorative bracelet and necklace stands which completed the look. I will definitely call Lili in the future for my organizing needs.

Heidi Stevens, Business coach & entrepreneur

Lili is truly a gem and you are giving yourself a gift when you work with her! I have worked with her in several capacities: professional organizing (home and office), personal styling and home decorating. Her attention to detail is incredible, she has impeccable follow through, an eye for design, as well as the ability to gently yet firmly support her clients in “letting go” of items. Lili is definitely someone you want on your team to support you in clearing your clutter and freeing up space – both physically and energetically!

Rachael Blumberg, owner of Plate Fit, West Hollywood

Despite the fact that I’m a pretty organized person, I was excited to work with Lili because I value her expertise, and her ability to see things I cannot see myself. For example, I had no idea that the things I was keeping for emotional reasons were in fact holding me back. I told Lili that I was searching for a new relationship. She helped me see that by storing old love letters, I was preventing myself from being truly open to the possibility of something new. I didn’t expect the day to be so emotional, but Lili was there to help me understand my feelings and move forward. When everything was finished I felt so free and my apartment looked amazing.  She is incredible and I will hire her moving forward to help me organize my next big project.  Everyone needs a Lili.

Nicola Albini, JD MA, Ithaca Coaching and Consulting Inc., Founder Alpi Usa Inc., Co-Owner and Director RainCatcher, Board of Directors, Member

If you need someone to organize your space, your home, or your office, Lili Pettit is your person. Lili is precise, detailed and mindful; I could not have moved three times in the last eight months if I didn’t have her support. She has also done great work at my office, facilitating the clearing of old files and helping to re-organize the entire space. Lili establishes sustainable processes, so that even after she leaves, the “new flow” is very easy for me to maintain. My experience in having her assistance has been truly invaluable, and I can’t thank her enough for what she has provided. I can’t recommend her enough for the wonderful quality of her services, and for who she is.

Michele, 1st Asst. Director “Mike & Molly”

You know those MasterCard commercials where they price out all the purchases and then at the end the tag line is something like: “time spent with family… PRICELESS.” That is exactly how I feel about Lili Pettit’s organizing services. I am not exaggerating when I say that when she cleaned out the physical clutter in my bedroom closet, I also let go of emotional clutter as well. It has been more than 3 months since Lili organized my closet and I have maintained all her hard work. My outfits are still paired by type and color. I get dressed effortlessly and there is nothing in my closet that I don’t wear. Because her personality is so easy-going and fun, it was easy for me to let go and surrender to my present day “me” instead of clinging to what I was or who I think I should be in the future. Like I said… PRICELESS.”

Taylor Davanzo, Organic Skin Care Specialist, www.thewoodshomespa.com

I have always been a self-proclaimed “neat-freak” but just could not seem to get it together when it came to my closets. I have limited space and of course too many articles of clothing/shoes/purses/hats. I needed help to think creatively about how to organize all my stuff in such a small space. And then I met Lili Pettit and thank god! She stepped in and helped me say good-bye to all the over-worn, never-worn, dated, too-small, not flattering, impulse bought clothing/shoes/purses/hats and what I was left with was everything I love! Then she transformed my depressing closets into VOILA! beautiful, chic mini-boutiques where I can see EVERYTHING that I own and then “go shopping”! I literally haven’t had the need to whip out the plastic for any new purchases since because I feel like I have so much to work with already. I am not rifling through a bunch of stuff that doesn’t work anymore. I HIGHLY recommend (especially in these financially restricted times) blessing yourself and your closets with Lili’s talent and skill. She is fun, efficient, and has a great eye for fashion, and the “beautiful boutique closet”. You will not only feel lighter and happier but you will fall in love with what you already had all along!”

Todd, craniosacral therapist

It is amazing what little time it took to transform my space and energy with Lili’s help and guidance. I had a walk in closet, which I could not walk into because the amount of stuff strewn about- I always kept the door closed to avoid anyone seeing the mess. In a matter of hours, Lili helped me transform it to a show piece! I am so proud to walk in to my walk in closet and it feels good on many levels. energetically to rid myself of the unused and begin to wear that which I couldn’t see transformed my getting ready in the morning experience. She got me on a roll and soon I was organizing every closet and the joy it gave me during and after the process is priceless. I highly recommend Lili to anyone interested in clearing their space. And the rewards kept on coming long after our work was done!