Easy Stylish Updates For Your Closet

If you love looking at home decor images, wishing you had a closet that mimicked the Kardashians, you’re not alone. Even if you don’t have the designer labels, a row of Louboutins, or the latest handbag, you can have your closet looking stylish and polished. Read below to see how I added simple details to update and elevate this closet!

uniform hangers

Gold coat hangers

I added thin gold metal hangers to this closet for an instant midas touch. Matching hangers is non-negotiable when creating an organized and beautiful closet. When you have the same style hanger, everything hangs at the same height not to mention that you will save a ton space by letting go of any curved or seriously bulky hangers. Tip: color coordinate your clothes from light to dark following the colors of the rainbow (ROGBIV) to really achieve a polished look!

accent colors

Gold jewelry tray

Keep the accent color uniformed. If gold resonates with you, I’d say go for it! I consider it a neutral and it’s strong properties are pure magic. I used a gold jewelry tray to showcase a few frequently worn favorites.


Gold jewelry hanger and crystal

Crystals aren’t only pretty, but have added benefits to uplift a space depending on what kind of energy you want. This earring holder was the perfect storage to hold her crystal and hang her earrings, too! You know how much I love a double duty product.

chic storage

Copper basket and white storage vessels for the closet

My favorite color combination is white and gold. For extra storage, white bins were used to hold larger accessories, like hats, scarves, and belts.

I love looking at different ways people organize and style their closets. Tag me on Instagram @clutterhealing and show me your closet!