How to Store Your Seasonal Wardrobe

Happy Friday, everyone!  With summer coming to an end, I wanted to make sure that you know how to organize and store away your seasonal wardrobe to create room for your fall favorites. 

When it comes to my closet, I invest in pieces that can be worn throughout the year multiple ways. To do this, I stick to neutral colored garments, easy-going dresses and classic denim. However, since summer and winter call for specific clothing items, like swimsuits and coats, I suggest storing seasonal items and only keeping your current wares in the closet. This helps decrease clutter and allow more breathing room not only in your closet but in your head as well. See my storage and organization tips below!

take inventory

First and foremost, take inventory of what you have. In order to clear the clutter, the best option is to get rid of items that don’t hold value to you or your lifestyle. It’s wasted effort to store away items that will never be used. If you didn’t wear it all season, perhaps it’s time to let it go.

bins and labels

Once you’ve decided what you want to keep or toss, if you have a closet with a built-in upper shelf, store accessories and other seasonal items, like swimwear, in a lidded bin to avoid dust bunnies. Finish it up by labeling each vessel for easy navigation!

designated drawer

If you don’t have a shelf above your clothing rod, no problem! Another solution is having a designated drawer or drawers for your seasonal clothing. A drawer is a great storage place for Summer clothing, like tank tops, lightweight tees, etc. because you’re able to file fold a lot of items in a small space. To turn your organizing up a notch, use drawer dividers to keep categories together. Helpful Hint: drawer dividers usually come in two height options: 2-inch which works best in kitchen drawers, and a 4-inch, which works perfectly with most dressers!

cool, dark and dry

The rule of thumb when storing your clothing is to keep them in a cool, dark and dry place. In addition to the options mentioned above, you can store your clothing under your bed in an appropriate storage container like this one. You can also store items in your basement or attic with these storage bins or airtight plastic containers. Avoid using plastic bags to prevent moisture, which can cause mold or mildew. For extra protection, keep bins lined with unbuffered acid-free tissue.

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Photography by Nicole LaMotte  for Clutter Healing®