The Sacred Hour Virtual Breathwork – June 1st from 8-9am PST


In this 60 minute breathwork experience we will simply restore, release and recharge as we practice an easy rhythmic breathing pattern. As most of us are short on time and can have challenges  carving out space for self-care, the intention behind this class is for you to pour back into your body, mind and spirit. The sacred circle of support is ready and waiting for you.

*If you can’t make the live, a recording will be sent out that expires in 7 days.*



What is Breathwork?

Simply put its an active breathing meditation that gives your brain something to focus on while your physical and emotional bodies release stuck energy. It’s a bit confronting and uncomfortable at first as many of us are not used to being fully present in our bodies. When we are in our body and without the distractions of daily living, all of our unresolved wounds bubble up to the surface.

With discipline and practice this tool also allows you to work on healing emotional response patterns that are generally established in early childhood yet govern our adult lives. The breath supports creating a deeper relationship with ourselves, giving our brain a much needed rest and an opportunity to develop the relationship we have to our physical body.

The basis for this self-healing modality allows us to cultivate and elevate our ability to deeply love ourselves even when it feels really hard. You will be learning how to be your own healer every time you do breathwork.

There are many different types of breathwork (techniques vs healing) but this particular style is all done breathing through an open mouth while lying down. No previous experience required.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Relief from stress, depression, anxiety, grief, anger, pain
  • Mental clarity
  • Renewed energy
  • A greater sense of well-being and calm
  • Creative hits, or “ah-ha” moments
  • Emotional release in a sacred container
  • Intuitive messages are often heard and felt
  • Connecting to guides or loved ones from the other side

No matter what has drawn you to breathwork, I like for students to imagine it as a spiritual housekeeping practice that offers everything from a light dusting to an intense deep cleaning. Our “stuff” can clog our energy centers, just like a trashcan that has become overly full. It is necessary to take out the garbage on a regular basis otherwise your house will being to smell horrible and a few unwanted houseguests (aka roaches) may settle in. Make sense?

The breath is the most intimate relationship you will ever have. Without the breath there is no life.


Download ZOOM to your smart phone or laptop for best results. Using the weblink can sometimes be glitchy.

  • Class is from 8am – 9am PACIFIC TIME
  • TO ACCESS THE ZOOM LINK: click “Join via App” on your order confirmation (which you will receive upon ordering, as well as prior to the session) OR go to your CH account and access Zoom directly
  • All you need is a quiet place where you can lie down comfortably and fully commit yourself in the experience, as well as a journal/piece of paper and pen
  • WiFi connection required to attend live; you can join from your smart phone or computer
  • Sign-ups close 30 minutes prior to class start time
  • Everyone who signs up will receive a limited time (7 day) recording of the live class

***Refunds are not available but space is always made for those who are unable to exchange financially. No questions asked. Simply send an email to [email protected]***

Breathwork 6/1/24 8am Pacific Time

Saturday, Jun 8, 2024 08:00 AM


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