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Each private one-on-one breathwork session is tailored specifically to you, your intentions and your healing needs. Using an ancient meditation practice called pranayama yoga, we will move stuck energy out of the body and tune into your truth.


One-on-One Breathwork Sessions

Lili is available for custom, one-on-one Breathwork sessions in her home-based healing room. Her space is beautifully designed and intended for total relaxation.

Breathwork meditation, also known as pranayama yoga, is an active breathing technique designed to help release stuck energy, limiting beliefs and emotions. This style of meditation has worked for many people who say that they just can’t meditate. It can help calm, heal and ground you so that the chaos, clutter and noise of the modern world can be managed.

Who it’s for:

  • You would like to let go of anger, loss or grief
  • You feel like you are ready for an emotional release—gently
  • You feel stuck in our modern world, your thoughts, or relationships
  • You feel difficulty in opening your heart to others or receiving love

Don’t live in Los Angeles? No problem. We can work together no matter where you live as sessions are available via phone or Skype/Ichat.

Never done breathwork? No problem, she can take you step-by-step through the process and guide you to the type of release you are seeking.

A typical session lasts about 90 minutes, and is comprised of an initial conversation in which Lili will explain what is to come and you will set an intention for your practice. The active portion of the breathing will include a customized musical playlist, essential oils and light touch. During the session you will be able to give your brain a vacation and we will work on disciplining our very active and sometimes crippling ego. Clients often leave feeling calm, clear and connected to their life’s bigger meaning.


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