Virtual Intuitive Clutter Clarity Session


This is an intuitive reading where the goal is to clear the clutter in your head, heart and home and uncover your origin story. I will support your deepest organizing desires while providing valuable insights and simple techniques that you can implement right away.


Before starting any kind of decluttering process, we must first identify the origin of the clutter. It may feel overwhelming, heavy, impossible and as though you will never be able to be free from it.

There is a solution. There are alternatives to any unhappiness you are experiencing in your home. There are ways to live free.

So here’s the thing, when we have clutter in our homes we usually (not always) have clutter in other parts of our lives.

I can come in and take away all the items that you no longer love, give you amazing storage solutions and hand write labels for every shelf, cupboard and basket. It will look amazing. Your house will feel great. But, what happens after I leave if we don’t address the root cause of the clutter?

These sessions are designed to help you find clarity, be heard and witnessed as well as release any of the judgements you may be feeling about yourself and your space.

This session is for you if you are ready to:

  • discover the truth beneath the clutter
  • have trouble with romantic relationships due to clutter
  • are embarrassed to have people over spontaneously
  • are in conflict with roommates or family members
  • are open to a bit of tough love and feedback after you describe to me what is causing your upset
  • willing to take action around changing your home
  • are ready to connect the dots between your home and your heart

After working with hundreds of clients over the past 10 years, I’ve learned that often times the catalyst to big changes comes when we are simply seen and heard. Our number one human desire is connection. Big shifts can happen when you are clear about what you want and share that with another person.

You will walk away with action steps that you can implement in your life and home right away.

All sessions are 30 min in length and happen via phone, FaceTime or Skype!