Pantry Organization Made Easy

Whether it’s just you or a large family, organizing your pantry can be a little overwhelming. Am I right? Packaged food comes in so many different shapes and sizes that figuring out how to store it in an organized way may seem almost impossible. The simple tips we offer below will help you whip your pantry into shape like a pro!


Take a look at what you have in your pantry and sort it into categories. Popular groupings include things such as snacks, grains, breakfast, sweets, salty,  kids, etc. If you have the space in your pantry to use bins and baskets, I can’t recommend them enough! Not only do baskets and bins add a decorative touch, they will keep your inventory levels in check. Don’t be afraid to repurpose baskets, pretty shoe boxes or any type of containment you might already have. 


This not only looks appealing but it will save you time, money and space in the long run. When you can easily see what you have and how much you have, it’s much easier to shop smart.  Mason jars or really any kind of glass jar are my go-to food storage container.  Glass is much healthier than plastic and you don’t run the risk of BPA contamination in your food. Many grocery stores offer pantry staples in their bulk section. You can bring in your glass jars and fill them up further reducing waste created from food packaging. 


No matter how large or small your pantry may be, use the vertical space wisely. Lesser used items such as the annually used roasting pan or the once a month baking products, should go up high and out of the way. Second, place all the items that  you dive into on the daily at eye level. Snacks, breakfast staples and dinner essentials are smart to live at that eye level zone.

Canned goods, sauces and broths that you like to have in the house but don’t use all the time are great a little lower but not forgotten. Consider placing these items on a riser if you have the space!

Don’t forget about utilizing the floor space if you have a walk-in style pantry. Heavier items such as drinks or bulky paper towels can go in bins there. Make your pantry work for you!


When shelves, jars and bins are labeled it’s more likely that things will go back where they belong by all family members and house helpers. Labeling also supports being able to easily monitor your inventory levels before grocery shopping. If you think I’m repeating myself, I am! Food waste in this country is no joke!

One of the biggest mistakes I see families making all the time is the constant reordering of the same food without checking what they still have. Lots of food ends up spoiling and going in the garbage which breaks my heart. Make your grocery list when you are at home in front of your food.

We label with everything from the Brother and Dymo label makers to bin label clips and wine writer pens. There are tons of options out there, select the one that works best for your home and your lifestyle!

If you have any questions about how to organize your pantry, we’d love to answer them in the comments below.