The Best Organizing and Wellness Products on Amazon

Let’s face it, it appears as though Amazon is taking over the world! The e-commerce website seems to have almost every little thing you can imagine. Whether it’s home, fashion, beauty, school or office supplies, you name it, Amazon probably has it. Amazon is a great alternative to The Container Store when seeking the perfect organizing and wellness products not only for my clients but for myself as well.

It can be overwhelming browsing through multiple pages to find the perfect item online. Check out the curated Clutter Healing® Amazon page to make your life easier. It’s updated weekly, so make sure to check back for new items. You can find a sneak peak of my favorites below!

Top line from left to right: Bamboo drawer dividers // Reusable grocery bags // Natural countertop cleaner // Elephant basket

Bottom line from left to right: Wire basket // Glass jar // Washi tape // Power dust supplement

Bamboo drawer dividers

We love it when our clients opt for bamboo drawer dividers instead of the plastic version. The 2″ high version is perfect for cooking utensil drawers while the 4″ high style keeps your clothing drawers in shape.

Reusable PRODUCE bags

While some markets have switched over to biodegradable produce bags, not all are on board with going green! The Earth Junkie bags are made of organic cotton muslin and can easily be thrown in the washer when needing a little refresh.

Natural countertop cleaner

Clutter Healing®’s love for Murchison-Hume runs deep. Cleaning your home without harsh chemicals keeps the vibe and overall health high! We adore the heavenly original fig scent of their countertop spray.

Rattan elephant basket

Nursery decor, anyone? This adorable basket is hand woven and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.

wire basket

Wire baskets are our favorite multi-purpose storage item. We especially love them in pantries to be able to see what you have.

glass jars

Decanting is incredibly essential to an organized and well kept pantry. We enjoy using glass jars as a more sustainable way to shop (if you can find a store with a great buy in bulk section, they generally allow you to fill up jars on the spot), keeping a better eye on inventory levels and creating a more aesthetically pleasing pantry. Check out our suggestions on how to decant the conscious way here!

washi tape

After you’re done decanting, we often use washi tape to label jars.

power dust

Need an extra boost in the morning? Add Moon Juice’s all-natural supplement to the beverage of your choice to restore and sustain your energy levels.

We’d love to know how you’ve used some of these organizing and wellness products in your home! Let us know in the comments below or on our Instagram @clutterhealing.