4 Supportive Services to Help You Be Organized

An organized lifestyle means building habits and rituals little by little everyday. No one can do it all – period! It’s ok to ask for help and set-up a few key support systems. From grocery shopping, email management, to-do list creation and self-care, there are an abundance of services out there that can create more spaciousness in your daily life. Check out some of my favorites below!

imperfect produce

Imperfect Produce is a fantastic produce service that delivers healthy fruits and vegetables directly from the farm to your door. What makes this company really special is that the produce they deliver would typically be thrown out because if it’s imperfect nature (think scaring, oddly shaped, color might be a little too dark or too light).

According to their website, approximately 20% of fruits and vegetables in the U.S. never leave the farm simply because they look a little different. This creates a TON of food waste in this country that I am happy to support ending.

So, the next time your planning your meals for the week, consider signing up for their weekly delivery service. You can customize each week based on their current inventory or simply be surprised with what shows up! I do still love hitting up an awesome farmers market from time to time but this produce is organic, priced right and helping to me save a ton of time.


I think we can all agree that junk mail is really annoying and can be overwhelming. Junk emails are energy vampires!  To help with this, I use Unroll.Me to quickly unsubscribe from unwanted emails, organize the emails I do want and more! It’s easy, fast and FREE. You won’t regret this decision.


This app is your upgraded to-do list. Todoist organizes your tasks by long and short-term goals. I’m a visual person, so I love how the app shows how well you are progressing  with your list completion. Todoist can also be shared between multiple people, so it’s great to set family house chores, work related duties and more!


Living a more organized lifestyle starts with an organized mind. Declutter your thoughts with Headspace. If you’re new to meditation, this app is great! There are several meditation guides to help ease your struggles like, anxiety, sleep, stress, relaxing, working out, competing and much more. A huge bonus is that there are meditations as short as 3 minutes in length, so you can fit self-care into your schedule without any excuses. Download it–you deserve it.

If you have other great services to help you declutter and organize, let me know on Instagram @clutterhealing!

Disclaimer: I do not receive any monetary compensation from these sites. I like them, I use them and I’m simply sharing the info.

Photography by Kristine Lo for Clutter Healing®