How to Make Room for What You Truly Want in the New Year

Lili Pettit

It’s almost the start of a new year and that comes with a lot of feelings for most of us. Are you excited? sad? disappointed? hopeful? I’d love for you to see this new year as an opportunity to review what worked, what didn’t and where you can implement a few simple strategies to make space for what really matters.

I still hold firmly to my belief that our homes are an outward expression of our interior world. If we are consciously moving through time and space our homes reflect that vibe. Who doesn’t want more good juju in their world?

Whatever you are feeling about the start of 2019, I hope that these simple tips support you in changing the way you look at your version of home and set the stage to navigate the year ahead.

Set intentions and VISUALIZE

Intentions are like roadmaps to our dreams. When was the last time you simply let yourself dream? Grab and paper and pen, sit in a quiet spot and dream a little. Let your mind run wild and jot down how you would like your home to feel. Imagine if if it felt that way how would you feel?

My house blessing teacher,  Kim Colwell, imparted this wisdom upon me several years ago:

“When you see it you believe it,

When you believe it you manifest it”

If you can set aside 30 seconds a day to to close your eyes and see the vision you’ve written out, you will feel it in your body and call it in.


From making coffee to taking a shower, you can reframe the mundane to magical simply by bringing awareness to your actions. Instead of just jumping in the shower and rushing through the process, consider adding a few essential oils, use a consciously made soap and use every lathering  of your body as a ritual.

This same concept can be applied to everything that you do. How you make your morning coffee or tea, how you drive, how you walk from one destination to another. It’s really up to you to see the gift of life as something that you GET to do instead of something that you HAVE to do.


Having a clear understanding of how you want your space to feel makes it come to life way faster. Make a list of how you want your spaces to function, what activities you will do in each room and the elements that you will need to make it work.

If your dining room table has become the catch all for mail and returns, consider creating a space inside a closet or nook where these items can be stored in shelving or wall pockets. You’ll feel better once your essentials have proper homes.


Nothing feels better than letting go of what you are no longer using or needing in your life.

Word of advice, please start small! If you try to tackle too much at once you will find yourself stuck and overwhelmed not able to get anything accomplished.

Try clearing out just one drawer and leaving it empty! Or simply go through the food in your refrigerator that’s been in there since your last big dinner party and toss things that are expired or growing mold. If someone left a random condiment you know you will never use, I give you permission to pass it on or responsibly recycle it.

It’s amazing what you and your home can receive when there is an open space for it to land. 


If there is one thing that I can’t advocate more, it’s meditation. Investing in yourself is the best way to accomplish more, show up fully and be present for your family, your business and yourself. It may seem like a waste of time but trust me, over time your practice will pay off!

Minimize EVERYTHING! Multitasking has been proven to not work yet we all still do it. Even as I write this post, I find myself wanting to check my email, IG and figure out when I’m going to send out a new client agreement. The mind is a funny thing but through meditation and a minimal mindset, we can accomplished one thing after another after another. Pick one thing and really go for it.


I know easier said than done right? But let’s get really honest shall we? Whether it’s overeating, drinking one too many glasses of wine or depending on another person to take away your pain, we all have little “isms” that we use to cope with being human. I encourage you to take a look at the actions you may be doing that are keeping you from living the life you desire. Often times it’s the smallest shift in our behaviors that produce the biggest results. For example, giving up that extra glass of wine at night might mean that you are able to get up an hour earlier for a workout.


What I have found over the years is that we don’t accomplish anything over night. Scheduling time for the upkeep of your space and life is vital. Decide in this moment to spend part of each day, week and month working with your newly cleared space and carving out the time to stay clear mentally, emotionally and physically. Focusing on it a little bit every day will create a ritual that will eventually feel effortless.

I’d love to hear how this feels as well as what comes in after you do this process!

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