The One Product That Can Solve All of Your Spring Cleaning Needs

Spring cleaning is here! There’s nothing I love more than to help others declutter their environments and cleanse the energy around them. Certain products make my job a whole lot easier and I’m sharing one of my favs with you!

I’m very selective with what I use in people’s homes as I never ever want the bin or basket to distract from the things they are containing or create fussy design. Most of the products that I love are versatile, useful and aesthetically pleasing — because a little style never hurt anyone.

With that said, one of my favorite products for Spring cleaning is the marche basket. I gravitate toward storage solutions that come in a variety of neutral colors and have a handcrafted look. As a bonus, this basket is made from durable wire and is available in several metallic tones that look great in almost any space.  Check out how I’ve utilized them in a myriad of ways!

Basket Storage

Don’t have an extra drawer to store your kitchen towels? Corral them in a marche basket and keep your file folded beauties in place.

Marche basket for pet food storage.

No room for your best friend’s food and supplies? Get a medium marche basket to store all of your pet’s needs.

Marche basket holding glass jars for food storage.

If you prefer to keep all of your special spices and ingredients together, a marche basket is a perfect option. You can easily see everything at a glance and keep only what you need.

Marche Basket Storage in the Laundry

They’re also great for storing your cleaning supplies!

Copper Marche Basket with Linens

I love copper against white cotton. These flour sack towels are seriously the best!

Marche Basket for Storage

And for all other storage needs, a large marche basket is great for trashbags, rags and back-up cleaning supplies. Side note: these pura sponges are my favorite sponges — the abrasive side made from walnut shells is non-damaging and they never ever smell!

Are you using a marche basket somewhere in your home?

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