The Best Ideas to Organize Your Laundry Area Once and For All

If you’re like most people, laundry day can be overwhelming, and it basically stinks (figuratively and literally). In addition, to organize your laundry area is a whole other task that you don’t even want to think about. But don’t fret! I’ve come up with the best ideas to help you organize and store your laundry area to help clear bad energy that usually comes with doing chores. The goal is to help your laundry area looking clean, easily navigated, and polished. If your laundry area is pretty to look at, it will most likely want to make you do your laundry (this absolutely works for me). Read below to see some of my ideas to organize your laundry area.

White linen storage box

White linen collapsible storage box

This white linen storage basket is great because it has a light wax coating on the inside making it ok to place damp items in it from time to time. Additionally, it works really well not only as a hamper but as a separate dry cleaning basket. You can keep it up when filled, while it collapses easily to fit in all sorts of small, tight spaces.

Connected Goods Palm Leaf Shopper

I love this shopper from Connected Goods! It’s the perfect vessel to carry and store not only farmers market goodies, but laundry as well. I love the long leather handles because they give me the option to sling it over my shoulder when I’m juggling a million things, as most of us do. Added bonus: it’s completely woven with natural palm leaf.

Laundry Supplies in Copper Baskets

To give your laundry room a sparkling and stylish look, store laundry supplies in these copper baskets.

Laundry baskets and a hanging rack for drying

If you can’t tell already, I love a good neutral look. These laundry baskets give an overall clean and natural appearance. Keep things minimal with a simple clothing rack for air drying delicates and so much more (I recommend air-drying when you can; so much better for the environment!).

Storage solutions for the laundry

For more storage options, these baskets are a down-to-earth option to keep towels, rags and other supplies in place.

Laundry cleaning pods and soap

If you’re someone that uses laundry pods, store them in a glass container that allows easy access. Plus, glass containers always look prettier than plastic and cardboard.

A large laundry basket

If you prefer to procrastinate on laundry, or if you have a large family, consider a laundry basket that pulls it’s weight. I love this one to keep things looking neutral and natural.