The Best Label and Bin Combinations

Hi, everybody! Happy Friday! I know that most of us do our organizing and cleaning projects on the weekends, so I wanted to kick it off by sharing my favorite label and bin combinations. As a professional organizer, finding the best organizing solutions is an essential part of the process. Labels and bins are the ultimate duo when it comes to organizing and decluttering. Storage bins are great to keep like with like and everything easily accessible, while labeling ensures that everything is put away properly thus saving you time, money and energy. Whether it be a bin or a basket, a lid or no lid, a paper hang tag style label or a metal label holder, I laid it all down for you to clear the clutter. Read on to see how you can up-level your organizing game with my suggested product combos outlined below!

kitchen + pantry

I absolutely love these wire bins from MDesign! I personally use them in my own pantry and often find myself using them in client’s pantries, kitchens and utility closets. These baskets are incredibly durable and being able to see what’s inside works well for places that often get replenished. Pair them with a matching black bin clip and label them with a chalkboard marker.

seasonal items

I’ll say it time and time again; declutter and organize your closet by storing away your seasonal items! Leave your hanging clothes bar for items that you’re wearing now and pack away heavy sweaters or swim cover-ups based on the season.

I love a fresh, clean neutral color palette for organizing supplies, so pairing this large basket for sweaters or bikinis, makes perfect sense for a functional and polished look. Accent the accessories in your closet or bedroom by using a matching bin clip and label them with either the item type or appropriate season.

kids cloSET

A growing child often requires extra storage for extra-curricular activities. Not only does setting up an organized system for your little one help them to be more responsible, but it also saves a lot of time during the morning routine. This pre-teen’s room was nothing short of glam, so I paired these sleek and simple black bins with a gold bin clip.

Everyday closet

Keep your accessories, like handbags, in bins with lids to prevent dust accumulation. I chose natural tone bins from Amazon to match the hangers. Each lidded box worked perfectly with the amount of space we needed for handbags, clutches and tote bags. When bins don’t allow for a bin clip, my go-to labels are these hang tags. Simply use a sharpie marker to label them!

You can read more about how we decluttered and designed this condo-sized closet here.

cleaning supplies

Whether you store cleaning supplies under the sink or the garage, these bins are great for ventilation and fitting in tight places. Get the matching basket tag for a perfect fit. Bonus: these baskets have an optional bamboo lid that will go great with just about anything!

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