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Everything In Its Place

A wardrobe, bursting at the seams, and yet nothing to wear? The problem “Clutter Healing” founder Lili Pettit knows only too well. It helps stars like Jessica Alba mucking out and organize their Mega Wardrobe.

What’s the first step in cleaning up your closet?

First, it’s time to clean out. Here one wonders at every clothing piece:

  1.  I would buy it again today?
  2.  I have worn it in the last year?

If the answer is no in both cases, it flies out.

How do you sort the clothes after mucking out?

Seasonal rotation; that is, separating Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter clothing is a must. It follows by categorizing clothing style. This gives insight into how many t-shirts, blazers, etc. you have. Then you can still sort by color and material.

Which tools do you need necessarily?

Hangers are the most important thing (preferably made of velvet, because the clothes will not slip). Also useful are separating signs and labels that can be changed.

How to arrange the clothes in the closet?

Tops up, pants down. This helps in choosing new outfits because you recognize quickly what fits together.

The biggest system failure in organizing?

If possible, avoid drawers. One does not see the bottom garments,  they are forgotten and do not use them. To protect an evening dress or delicate fabrics such as leather, do not use plastic, but cotton covers. And never hang sweaters on a hanger – they wear out.

A dream-like wardrobe of Jennifer Garner in “30 Overnight” Cleanup coach Lili Pettit helps