How To Organize Your Pantry Like a Pro

Whether you’re an avid chef or if hitting the timer on your microwave is the closest thing you can get to cooking, your pantry is the heart of your kitchen and therefore should always be organized. An organized pantry helps save you time, money and promotes a healthier lifestyle.

When your pantry is organized and you are able to clearly see everything, you won’t buy excessive amounts of your staple items. I LOVE to have back-ups on hand, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve organized a pantry and discovered more than half the stock is expired. In fact, the average American household throws away about $2,200 of food each year.

An organized pantry not only saves you money, but it also saves you time. Instead of wasting time trying to find a snack in your pantry, being able to locate it quickly will give you more time to do what you actually enjoy… like eating that snack.

Lastly, having a clean and well stocked pantry promotes a healthier lifestyle. When you are consciously connecting to what’s going in and out of your pantry you will connect more with what you are putting into your body. According to the Huffington Post, 8 out of 10 Americans eat at fast food restaurants once a month. An organized pantry will give you more incentive to cook at home instead of going out to get a quick meal.

If the thought of diving into your pantry overwhelms you, don’t worry. Read below to see my tips and tricks on how to get your pantry in shape for good!

organize by food type

Pantry shelves.

Corral like with like. I recommend putting things like snacks in baskets, breakfast items in the same area and grouping carbs such as rice, pasta, and quinoa together. You can also decant your food into beautiful glass jars like the ones pictured above. They come in multiple sizes and are big enough to store large amounts of rice or bulky pasta. If you’re like me, I love different nut and seed butters (almond, cashew, & sunflower), so I keep them together on the shelf but stack each type in a line.  The more visible your food is, the more you will see it and use it.

Jars + Labels

Four glass jars for food storage.

I suggest using mason jars for everything from dry goods to leftovers instead of plastic bags or containers. Storing your food in glass versus plastic is much better for the environment and looks prettier, too! Label your jars with a wine writer marker for a clean, customized look. You can also use a water-based Sharpie marker to write on glass, as well.

Four jars with food.

Another beautiful option to mason jars, are these beautifully crafted jars with wooden lids. They add a hand-crafted yet polished element to any kitchen!


5 pantry shelves with different jar and basket storage options.

Great storage additions to help organize your pantry are baskets! The baskets on the highest shelf are used to store less often accessed items such as baking supplies or party items. These lesser used items don’t need to be taking up space in your daily real estate. The black wire baskets placed at a more accessible height, are great to keep similar items together, while also having the ability to see what’s inside. The woven baskets on the floor are special to me, as they are all handwoven. They’re great (and so cute) for storing empty shopping totes as well as filling with your favorite farmer’s market finds.

stacks on stacks

Pantry shelving divider options.

When pantry space is limited, stacking items is key! Use this stackable shelf to separate and use all that vertical space.

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