The Chicest Way to Organize Jewelry and Small Accessories

While trying to organize clothes in your closet is one thing, figuring out how to store jewelry and other accessories in your closet is a whole different story. Between getting tangled up or going missing, organizing small accessories can get tedious and frustrating. Even though my philosophy is in minimalism and decluttering, I believe that what we do have should be stored and kept beautifully. Therefore, I’ve come up with a few different tiny treasure storage options.

Gold wire basket with scarves

This gold wire basket is a great way to store your scarves, while giving you a whole lot of sparkle.

Black accessories tray for his closet

Use a tray to store small accessories. In this case, we used a black tray to store a few daily accessories. The black base allows the items to really pop making visibility that much easier.

Gold closet storage and jewelry display

I always recommend having a catch all tray for daily jewelry. If you take your dailies on and off in the same place, you’ll be less likely to loose your precious pieces.

Gold and white closet storage

I love keeping closets neutral so that your clothing and accessories can really be front and center. White and gold are a great combination to add to any space. Hat stands help prevent unsightly wrinkles while a basic hat box keeps dust from building up.

Glass jewelry boxes

If you prefer to have your jewelry and accessories enclosed, but still want to show it off, a glass container is the perfect solution. Accessories can be like mini art pieces in your closet. Give yourself permission to get creative!

Folding and accessories organizing in his draws

I recommend using linen drawer dividers to store and organize smaller accessories that tend to get tangled or need to be kept in pairs. Here, we stored my client’s belts, ties, and socks.

Which of these did you try? Let us know which one worked best for your closet!