5 Tips to Organize His Closet

Whoever said that a man’s closet can’t get more cluttered than a woman’s, couldn’t be any more mistaken. In fact, I’ve been working in a lot more mens closets lately. Call it a sign of the times, or just simple awareness, men are stepping up when it comes to getting their closets in tip-top shape.

A few decluttering mantras we keep on hand when organizing any space: Keep it simple, make navigating easy, and maximize every square inch of space. See the 5 closet hacks we rocked out in this stunning closet below.

1. Folding is an art

File folding in draws

Answering the question of “Boxers or briefs?” is made easy by folding your underwear by function in drawers. Folding can be tedious, but once it becomes a habit, you’ll begin to see it not only as a work of art but an easier way to see what you own. We love a good drawer divider to keep undies, socks and smaller items contained.

2. Bins and Labels are your friend.

Folding and Closet Storage Solutions

Bins and baskets give his closet a clean look, while labels help with ease of navigation.

3. Use wooden hangers

Wooden Hangers for His Closet

Wooden hangers give this closet a polished look and a sturdy frame for clothing to hang on. We love the contrasting black hook against the brass clothing rod featured here.

4. Trays

His Closet Storage and Organizing

Keep small accessories on a tray like this one. Black is a strong, grounding tone which allows smaller accessories to really shine.

5. Color coordination

Folding and accessories organizing in his draws

Ties, belts, pocket squares and dress socks come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. Fold or roll ties by color to help you easily find the best match to your mood and your outfit. Linen drawer dividers like this one can be found here.

All products were bought from The Container Store.