Quick Tips to Prep for the Holidays with Joy and Ease

Can you believe that it’s already November? It always seems like the holiday count down clock starts ticking as soon as Halloween arrives. On that note, I’ve found these 5 crucial organizing tips to be invaluable when it comes time to prep for the holiday season. If your holidays are like mine, you’ll want to plan for all the meals, the house guests, bed linens, housekeeping and any tidying that will make you feel better about having people over. Read my tips below!

Make your lists

By writing everything down, you’ll be able to see how much you’d like to accomplish vs. what’s realistic. Lists include what to buy (gifts and food), holiday cards, recipes and planning your holiday budget. If you prefer to have your lists digitally, Todoist is a great app to manage multiple lists all through your phone.


If you are doing the gift giving thing, please get a jump start on it now. It’s easy to get caught up in the consumerism craziness. The energy around shopping can be really intense. Bring awareness to each and every purchase and remember it’s not about the gift. The actual item is a beautiful thing, but when we give gifts focus on the act of giving and the energy exchanged between you and the receiver. Maybe this is the year you make everyone a special hand made gift or a batch of banana bread instead of getting caught up in mass consumerism. I’ve also been fond of purchasing the same gift for everyone in the family to keep things really simple and sweet!

gift wrapping station

Nothing is more frustrating than having wrinkled wrapping paper and tangled ribbons and bows when faced with  pile of presents. I love these two options from The Container Store to organize your gift wrapping supplies. This Elfa unit is a great option to hang on your storage closet door for an easy grab-and-go. If you prefer to store things in tight places, use this to keep your materials clean and orderly.

print your calendar

As a ritual, I always print my calendars for the next 3 months and place it on a bulletin board in my home office. By doing this, I can see what I have scheduled for the week and months ahead and where I have wiggle room. I find doing this for the holiday season especially important, as I like to write when certain guests are coming over and when I have time to prep and enjoy!


Lastly, I know it can seem all consumer, however, do your best to stay in the moment and enjoy the season! It’s a great excuse to reconnect with the people you love, share amazing food and simply soak up the present moment.

Let me know your tips for holiday organization and tag me @clutterhealing on Instagram!