Five Kitchen Items I Give You Permission To Release Right Now

I’m a firm believer in the less is more mindset. When we own less, we have less to manage and take care of.

While there are some great kitchen gadgets out there that can make our cooking routines smoother, I’ll always challenge my clients to see if they really need it. Many times simply using a knife helps to eliminate 3-4 gadgets that often end up consuming precious drawer real estate.

Here is my top five list of the kitchen gadgets I give you permission to donate or pass on right now.


I’ll admit I used to have one! In college I ate a bagel every morning for breakfast so it seemed like a must have item. It did get a lot of use but after I invested in a set of really great knives, it was given away.

avocado cover

This thoughtful item seems great in concept, however, I can never seem to get the avo to fit inside it just right. Consider storing your opened avocados in a glass container that you already have and popping in a lemon wedge. The lemon will help preserve your precious fruit and prevent browning.

cherry pitter

I guess I’m old school when it comes to cherries. I think it’s actually more fun and way more casual to simply spit the pits out? If I was making something with a ton of cherries in it on a regular basis, then this might be a justifiable item. But who is cooking with cherries 365 days of the year?


This will probably change now that I have a little one but for years I’ve used the broiler to toast bread or anything else that needed browning. I’ve lived in mostly small spaces so eliminating extra bulky appliances was a savior.


I’ve never ben a fan of the microwave and lived without one for many years. When I merged households with my fiance our home had a built-in microwave. I do use it for convenience sake but I often find that if I simply used the oven or stove I would be just fine without it.

What are a few gadgets you’ve invested in only to realize that you didn’t really need it or you already owned something that did the same trick?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!