Coming into Conscious Alignment in 2020

Lili making bed
Lili making bed

As we head into 2020, I have been thinking a lot about the word ‘Alignment.’ Alignment as it pertains to my life as a mother, as a business owner, as an organizer, as a breathwork facilitator and as a human with two feet on this earth. I have always worked to bring Clutter Healing®, Inc. into line with who I am now, and to make room for where I’d like to see my services grow.

This year I will be offering new content, services and packages with an alignment focus to guide you in healing your body, your spirit and the spaces you inhabit. I will provide inspiration and tips  on one area each month that will support you in letting go of clutter, destructive habits and old energetic ties. It’s time to make space for who you are in this moment and what you would like to manifest in your life right now.

Ultimately, my goal is to help you attain a whole-life, whole-home alignment that is grounded to the earth and its seasons; to your body and its place and space. Now that sounds like a lot, right? But if you start by grounding yourself in your body, by tuning in to your divine being and how you live in your environment, you will find the cues you need to redesign your inner and outer spaces.

So, for January, let’s focus on grounding ourselves in our body and how it feels in the spaces we inhabit. Tip: It helps to think through these questions when you are in your home. I suggest you sit in the place in your home that you use the most, either sitting on the floor or comfortably seated with two feet firmly planted on the floor. Ask yourself:

Do you feel that your body is aligned with your home and vice versa? 

Consider these additional questions for the rest of this month and let them shape the rest of your year. 

Does my home take care of me and can I easily maintain it?

Can you find what you are looking for to take care of yourself and your family? Can you easily caretake and maintain your home, or is it a burden? Can you easily take care of your body? Creating order in your space that is aligned with your needs and current lifestyle can help free up the time and energy you need to care for yourself. Having a home that meets the need of our bodies is an important act of self-care.

Does my home consider all the people living in it?

If you share a space, there are likely a variety of interests, abilities, and heights living in your space. Does your home accommodate all of these needs? Perhaps you have welcomed a new child, pet, or elder family member into your home this year: this can often call for using spaces in new way. It also means having another member of the household that is accumulating ‘stuff.’ How is your home handling this change?

Does my home accommodate all the functions that I currently have?

Maybe you’ve started eating differently or have a different exercise routine that is supported by your home. Maybe you have changed hobbies recently, began entertaining more often, or began working from home. Again, these changes can require new functional layouts, equipment and organization. You might find there are blocked spaces or places where items accumulate. This can be a sign that it is time for an intentional clearing and redesign.

Does my home support my current vision and goals? Does it look and feel the way I wish it did?

Are you hoping to create a major change in your life (new job, new love, new lifestyle) that doesn’t seem to quite ‘fit’ with your home? When we are inviting change, positive energy and love into our life, it is important to have an environment that supports that. This could mean doing an energy clearing, and giving your house the space (and the breath) it needs to support you and invite new blessings into your life.

This year, let’s align our bodies, our purpose, our homes and our place on this earth together. 


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