3 Easy Solutions When You Have “Nothing to Wear”

The weekend is approaching, which means that multiple outfit changes are in order. Whether you’re planning a night out with friends, going to brunch or catching up on errands, do you ever catch yourself feeling like you have nothing to wear? The answer may not necessarily be with the amount of clothing you have, but how it’s stored and organized. You may be able to save yourself some serious time, money and energy by reading my tips below!

file fold

File folding is my go-to for an organized drawer. It allows for everything to be seen with maximum use of space. Arrange by item type and color for easy navigation. If you need help keeping categories from falling over and separating, drawer dividers are a super easy solution!

closet rod dividers

If you fins yourself lost in your hanging clothing and unable to find your favorite blouse or dress, consider sorting your hanging clothing first by style, then by sleeve length. Finally divide and label with a rod divider! They’re a simple and effective way to organize your hanging clothing so that like stays with like. For a polished look, streamline your hangers to save space!

store seasonal items away

As temperatures drop in most of the country, store your warm weather items, like denim shorts and swimsuits, away. As a result, your closet will feel less cluttered, and you’ll be able to see your current season inventory clearly. Read how to store your seasonal clothing here!

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