Fall Closet Cleanse

It’s that time of year when most of the country starts gearing up for sweater and boot weather. I’m currently in Los Angeles and wearing sandals and a sun dress but I am still THINKING about my sweater and boot inventory. Near the end of September I always do a huge closet cleanse and get really clear about what I need and want to wear for the remainder of the year. After shipping off a huge ThreadUp bag and dropping at a local consignment shop, I was able to clearly see what I needed to round out my Fall/Winter wardrobe. I got almost all of my needs met in one quick shop on the Everlane website. I have my eye on a couple other pieces that I will get to when the time (and the price point) is right.

Not only is it important to edit your closet but it’s equally as important to use the right organizing supplies. Clothing is an external expression of who we are and I love the stories they tell. Organizing closets is by far most favorite part of any house to organize, however, I never organize before doing a deep cleanse first! I can recommend all the organizing supplies in the universe, but we have to cut the clutter and the take out all the things that don’t light you up!

I want you to feel really good about everything you have in your closet not just the 20% that most of us wear. If you are holding on to “fat” jeans or “skinny” jeans or a dress that you might wear “some day” it’s time to reevaluate that thinking. When we hold onto clothing that we don’t wear it depletes our life force and mental capacity. When we keep things that don’t match our current lifestyle we basically punish and shame ourselves, especially when it comes to clothing.

After a your deep dive you’re going to want to make your closet pretty like the photo above, right? Let me show you what to use so that there is breathing room between all your hangers and you’ve created go-to “homes” for your precious inventory. Here we go.

Using clear dividers to separate handbags is a great way to keep them in shape and have them front and

Four handbags separated by plastic dividers.
Handbags held upright by plastic dividers.

center. There is nothing worse than a bunch of hand bags crammed on a shelf or piled on top of one another collecting dust. The plastic dividers are also great to separate jeans and sweaters that may otherwise fall over. They generally slide easily onto most 3/4 thick shelves.

Let’s talk about your jeans. People ask me all the time fold or hang? I don’t have a “rule” for that question. It really depends on the space. If you have enough room on your hanging rods to hang them AND you are willing to go through the effort of putting them on a hanger, then do it! If you have more shelving or drawer space available then fold them. I’m all for a solution that makes your life easier and getting dressed take the least amount of time possible.

Three shelves and two draws with different storage solutions.
Dividers, baskets and hat stands for closet organizing.

You know how I feel about a basket. These stunning cotton lined beauties can be used for swimwear in the off-season and swapped out for cold weather beanies and gloves. I’ve also used them for less accessed items such as clutches, tights and belts placed on a high shelf.

If you have the space I recommend preserving your hats with a hat stand. Keeping their shape will help extend their life time. If you don’t have the real estate for a hat stand, stuff the inside with acid-free tissue.  Tip: If your hats start to loose their shape, you can use a steamer to bend them back into like new status.

Another must have closet organizing item that makes getting dressed faster

A Louis Vuitton bag and jewelry organizer.
A Louis Vuitton bag and jewelry organizer.

is an accessory tray. Seeing your jewelry easily allows you to know what you have and remind you of what hasn’t been worn in awhile. Trays are also a great place holder for the items you take on and off daily. I love having one next to my bedside table so I always know where my dailies live. This wood and linen one has three levels for sorting and storing.

4 shelves of shoes form boots to heels.
Closet shoe storage.

Boot shapers  are an inexpensive way to preserve the shape of your boots especially if you live in Los Angeles! We don’t get to bust out our boots very often and if you are like me, you’ve invested in a few classics that you will have for years to come. Protect them and keep them in good shape. I get mine resoled and cleaned before putting them away in a boot box at the end of the season.

The time is now, not tomorrow, not some day. Let every piece of clothing in your closet tell a story that you want to tell from the heart not from the head. Get really clear about what you need, what you feel confidant and radiant in and let the rest go. Organize what’s left in a thoughtful conscious way and you will set yourself up to receive more than you thought possible. Trust me. You’re worth it.