Bringing Spirituality Into Your Life Via Nature

The physical effects of engaging with nature are pronounced, from feeling better in yourself via healthy eating, to being able to benefit your skin through nature.

People often talk about nature in terms of more esoteric ideas, though, like mental health and spirituality. Well, it’s simpler than you think, and here we’re going to explain what spirituality is and how it links to nature, and how you can bring it into your life without building up clutter.

Defining Nature and Spirituality

In simple terms, nature is what you think it is. Leaves, rocks, water and nature; the things that would exist naturally if we weren’t around to change them. In a deeper sense, it’s our connection with the world around us. This is where spirituality comes in. Spiritual naturalism is a worldview that encourages us to deeply consider the nature around us and in the process become connected with a system that’s bigger than any of us, allowing a connection with the planet and the ability to be less focused on mundane or shallow events.

How To Bring Spirituality Into Your Life

If this sounds like something that appeals to you, the simplest way to become connected to nature is to go out there and dive in. Take a break to the country or another secluded spot, or even the local park, and try and ignore the distractions of the day. At the very least, you’ll benefit as visiting green spaces improves mental health. This is especially true if you’re in an urban settings.

Developing a deeper understanding with nature is often just a matter of time. Spend your days in the outdoors, build an affinity, and think about the world around you.

Bringing Nature Into The Home

As mentioned above, the best way to build a naturalistic spiritual connection is in the wild, or in green spaces. However, that’s not always feasible, especially for those of us not living in a rural area. So how can you introduce nature into your home?

The good news is that if you’ve taken steps on this website to declutter, you’ll already be part way. Spirituality and especially nature-related spirituality isn’t necessarily about having lots of things. In fact, most spirituality advocates finding inner happiness. To that end, having a nature-focused spiritual home isn’t about filling it to look like a forest. You can achieve a taste of greener areas by incorporating gentle outdoor accents. Even a simple pine cone here or there can provide a memento of your connection to nature.

Spirituality and naturalistic spirituality seem like esoteric, out-there ideas, inaccessible except with specific guidance and research. Really, there’s nothing simpler than getting involved, and you can bring it into your own home to find inner peace, too.

Written by freelance contributor Sara Perkins