Harness The Power Of You!

Both U*styled and Clutter Healing want you to succeed – and fast! Using styling and organizational services to help you with efficiency and planning can help eliminate a good chunk of your daily stress.

From Page to Screen: Digitizing Your Old Photographs!

Even with the advent of digital cameras, Facebook photos, and cell phone pictures Clutter Healers still often run across boxes of old photos lying around in clients’ homes, from their past or left over from relatives.
It’s our job to come up with the best way to store or display them, in a way that takes up as little room as possible while maximizing the enjoyment of the memories they hold.

Charity Spotlight: Baby2Baby

Baby2Baby has already made a huge impact on the lives of families here in LA, serving over 80,000 children living in poverty. Next time you’re cleaning out and giving things away, consider helping them to serve even more.

What To Do Before You Move

There’s a hefty to-do list that comes with moving. Even if you’re staying in the same area, there are about a thousand things to do before you get to sit down and relax in your new home. But the good news is that moving is also an awesome opportunity for you to get more organized, and if you follow our tips you’ll be able to let go of the unnecessary clutter in your life and make moving an easier, happier process.

Get More Out of Your Jewelry

Jewelry is a unique expression of who you are: so don’t let yours collect dust! Instead follow this simple guide to getting more use and more happiness from your existing jewelry collection.

Products We Love: Quilted Boot Shapers

Creasing, scuffs, and warping are a few of the problems you’ll encounter if you aren’t using anything to keep your tall boots upright. If you’re letting yours slouch over, you may be replacing them sooner than you’d planned. Luckily, boot shapers are here to help!

Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work: And What You Can Do Instead

Don’t be discouraged by the title of this article. Resolutions come from introspection and the desire to improve, which is the foundation of making real and lasting change. Participating in the tradition at all is a step in the right direction, and a step ahead of those who don’t take the time to look at themselves critically. But there are many statistics out there about the likelihood of a resolution succeeding, and none of them are good. Ranging from about 80% according to some studies, up to 92% in others, New Year’s resolution failures seem almost inevitable. Here are few reasons you may be having difficulty with yours already, and what you can do to make a real change in your life by reevaluating the way you think.

Wrapping Up The Holidays

After all the fun and excitement of the holidays are finally over, it can be tempting to just throw everything back in cramped boxes or old plastic bags to be shoved back into your garage or attic until next year. But retaining a little bit of holiday enthusiasm during the clean up phase will help you hang onto your decorations longer and make next year’s set up a breeze.

Checking It Twice: Three Last Minute Holiday Tips!

With only a few days before Christmas, your to-do list may be taking over your life. If you’re not careful, all the work to be done can overshadow the joy of the season. Here are a few last-minute things you can do to breathe easier and enjoy what’s around you.