6 Ways To Amplify Your Home’s Energy This Summer

My passion and mission is to educate people on how their physical belongings energetically impact their lives, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than working with clients 1-on-1 to help them organize their space and set them up for success. With that said, I want to show you 6 ways to amp up the energy in your home on your own without a private session or spending a lot of money. Read below to find out!

1. Crystals

My love for crystals runs deep. I use them in my home, during breath work meditation classes and house healings. It’s a great way to not only make your space look pretty, but they have incredible healing properties to cleanse and enhance the good energy the home. Check out my favorites here!

 2. Organize your pantry

Clearing out and organizing your pantry is an amazing way to amplify your home’s energy. By throwing away unhealthy food items and filling it with whole and nutritious ones instead, you’re more inclined to eat healthier, therefore feeling more purified. Maintaining an organized pantry ensures that your food is up-to-date and not holding any dead energy.

An organized pantry may also lead to cooking more at home and gives you more of an incentive to invite guests for a home-cooked meal. According to Julie Ohana, a licensed clinical social worker and culinary art therapist, she quoted in The Huffington Post, “There’s a tremendous amount of confidence-boosting and self-esteem boosting, performing an act like cooking for others.” Serving others while building your self-esteem is a win-win!

3. Clean your bathroom

As one of the dirtiest places in a household, cleaning your bathroom is essential. Since bathrooms are spaces where most people unwind, maintaining a hygienic one will automatically make you feel better and excited to end your day with. If you’re a DIY person, using essential oils is a wonderful alternative to most household cleaning products. If you prefer store-bought, Murchison-Hume is one of my top go-tos!

4. New bed linens

If you’re looking for a quick way to refresh your bedroom without having to do major feng shui, change your bed sheets to something that’s comfortable and makes you feel luxurious. Streamlining your linens to an all-white bedding brightens up your bedroom and gives it a clean look. My favorite sheets are from Coyuchi and Parachute Home!

5. Declutter your clothing closet – your wardrobe??

Whether you have a large walk-in or a reach-in closet, this is the one space in your home you’re bound to go to on a daily basis. Since you have to look at it everyday, a decluttered and organized closet is the most effective way to renew your home’s energy. The best way to clear the clutter is to get rid of all items that don’t fit you, belong to an ex, or are damaged. For all seasonal items, store away in a box (don’t forget to label it!), and bring it back for when the season hits or if it’s needed when traveling. Uniform hangers are another great way to upgrade your closet–my favorite are Mawa hangers!

6. House Clearings

Last but not least, my favorite way to renew a home’s energy is through house clearings. Practiced faithfully in cultures around the world, house clearings infuse spaces with clarity and help cleanse and release energetic “clutter.” This tradition is perfect any time but especially helpful when embarking on a new career, starting a creative project, going through any kind of separation or loss or transitioning through a major life shift. You can read more about my house clearing service here

Photography by Nicole LaMotte for Clutter Healing®