About Clutter Healing®

Clutter Healer Lili Pettit matches expert organization with intuitive energetic cleansing to evaluate, coordinate and completely rejuvenate the home. Trained in a series of respected and time-honored traditions, Pettit works one-on-one with clients to identify and uncover emotional attachments to their possessions and embark on a gentle, yet effective, path toward releasing and removing them from the home. Pettit leaves spaces clean and clients feeling relaxed, energized and inspired to begin a new lighter way of living.

Combining 12 years in fashion and styling with a keen organizational acumen from childhood, Pettit transforms and restores clients’ living spaces while clearing the air for positive energy to flow freely.

A born organizer, Lili discovered her planning skills at a very young age rearranging her childhood bedroom and finding new ways to fold and fit her clothes perfectly in every drawer. She sought out junk drawers and cluttered closets and categorized their contents just for fun, and before long Pettit had honed an incredible skill that would later become her passion.

With a B.S. in Communications from San Diego State University, Pettit attended a Los Angeles fashion school for merchandising and fashion business certification and embarked on a career that introduced her to wardrobe styling and professional shopping. Her responsibilities ranged from personal shopping to systemizing massive wardrobe trailers, which kept Pettit on her toes and put her organizational skills to the test. Pettit has since worked with a variety of celebrities, fashion photographers, glossy-magazine editors and commercial directors with a long list of referrals and recommendations.

Having spent so much of her career surrounded by such an incredible amount of “stuff,” Lili soon developed a unique understanding of the vast scope of disorganization in people’s lives–and the profound emotional connections they keep with their possessions. It can become all-consuming, and Pettit became determined to help clients let go of the old so that they can live, love and prosper in the now. Clutter Healing® was born!

Lili next underwent extensive professional training in the healing arts, including shamanic house blessing and pranayama breathwork meditation, to complement her de-cluttering skills with spiritual healing. She uses these unique tools during many of her organization processes to clear the mind and body while cleansing the home once needless possessions have been removed from clients’ spaces. These techniques also are helpful prior to starting the organization process to help ease resistance, tension and stress.

Clutter Healing© offers a variety of services that help clients balance their clutter while recognizing and understanding what they need – and let go of the rest. Pettit’s positive attitude, clear logic, and gentle energy help guide clients through the cleansing process and establish a sense of calm, clarity and consciousness in their emotional and physical space.

We look forward to working with you and creating a customized package that fits your unique needs. Please call (310) 409-3024 or email [email protected] for a complementary consultation.