5 Ways to Reset Your Body in the New Year

Lili in the woods
Lili in the woods

It’s January, the time of setting ‘resolutions’ and goals, however many of us are still feeling a bit of the ‘holiday hangover’ in our bodies and we need these last few weeks of winter to get back to basics. If you are experiencing heightened fatigue, difficulties with digestion and are overwhelmed with getting back into your regular routine, please know that you are not alone!

You are likely also feeling ready to take action and make a change at the start of the new year. The polarity can be frustrating and debilitating for some, so please give yourself some grace and go easy. Lasting life changes are created by taking small steps every day. I’ve created an easy way for you to reset your body in the new year by anchoring into 5 simple words: breathe, nourish, nest, clear and connect. Take it one step at a time, one action at a time and watch how your new ways of being positively affect all areas of your life.

Begin by tuning into your body in this moment: how are you feeling right now?

Now, consider these words to help you reset your body, mentally and physically: 

Breathe. Nourish. Nest. Clear. Connect. 

Here are five simple ways to use these words to reset your body in the new year:


Breathe. Let’s start with the breath. We need oxygen to think clearly and for our bodies to function properly. As you may know from my breathwork coaching, you can use breathing as a meditative practice to clear out stagnant energy, thoughts or patterns that you may be having a hard time releasing. 

Here is a 5-minute breathing exercise that you can use to reset your body: Think about an emotion or problem that has been weighing heavily on your mind this winter. Take a slow, deep breath in, noticing on the inhale where you are carrying tension in your body. Exhale. Now use the breath to lean in to that feeling and let it go: with each breath in, visualize the clean, clear air that you are taking into your body; with each out-breath, visualize your body releasing any stale energy. Repeat the inhale and exhale 4 more times: visualizing the cleansing breath sweeping out your lungs, your blood flow and every single cell in your body; with each exhale, visualize any tense areas softening, as each exhale carries out old energy you no longer need.


Nourish your body with the healthiest foods you can find, eating as many colors and food groups that you can. Those winter greens are packed with vitamins to cleanse and revitalize your body! Try our simple smoothie if you struggle with integrating fruits and veggies into your diet regularly. 

This is also a great time to connect with the foods that are in season and the farmers who grow it [Tip: USDA has a database to search for markets near you]. If you live in an area that does not have winter markets or farmer’s markets nearby, take this time to research farm-direct food co-ops that deliver to your area.


Nest. It’s January, you probably still feel like curling up in blankets, drinking hot drinks and watching shows…and that’s okay! Rest and downtime are an important part of recovery, so don’t fight it. (But also listen to your body – if that extra cup of tea or that really engaging series you are watching tends to keep you up later, it’s time to find other ways to nourish right now.) If you miss your ‘extra’ nesting time from the holidays, try getting up a bit earlier to regain some ‘me’ time.


Take 15 minutes to clear out one physical space in your home related to the body. I recommend clearing the kitchen and pantry spaces after the holidays. Clear out the holiday foods from your pantry. Let go of uneaten sweets or overly salty food gifts you may have recently received – these are only going to make you feel sluggish. 

Putting away specialty baking and roasting items that you tend to only use during the holidays is another great way to clear out space. Having the lesser used kitchen items up and out of the way will support any desires to reset your diet and food choices. 

Organization Tip: make space in your home by storing holiday kitchen items and linens with your holiday decorations, NOT in your kitchen or dining room.

Another area to consider in the new year is your exercise clothes: Are they all in one place for easy retrieval? Is anything looking too worn? Do you have the right number of clothing items to support the activities you do now? 

Organization Tip: right-size your wardrobe: remove any duplicate items. Make a list of the new items that you need either to replace worn items or to support a new type of activity that you want to begin.


Connect to your family and community. Challenge yourself to talk to a new person while you’re at the market or café. Ask the farmer, proprietor, or service staff for their recommendations and favorites. Ask others what they like to cook and eat this time of year. Talk with your family and friends about any new exercise or dietary changes you are making this year and let them know how they can support you. Invite them to join you if you need an accountability partner or create a support group of your own!

Breathe. Nourish. Nest. Clear. Connect. 

Consider these five small words in your daily life to reset your body and perspective for the new year. 

Remember that each suggestion is simply an invitation to integrate organization, decluttering and wellness into your daily life. You are welcome to do as many or few as feels right for you at this time in your life.    

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