20 Clutter-Free Valentine’s Gifts


Whether you are coupled or single, celebrate Valentine’s or Galentine’s, here are some great clutter-free gifts to give the people that you care about. Connect with mindful giving by thinking about the person that you are giving to and considering what they would enjoy the most. Accompany all gifts with the most important element: a sincere expression of your gratitude. Remember to tell your friends and loved ones what they mean to you.

In-person classes to take together
  • Cooking class
  • Ballroom dancing class
  • Improv class
  • Surfing or paddleboarding lessons
  • Concert, theatre, movie or comedy show tickets
  • Breathwork or Sound Bath
  • Tickets to an amusement park or zoo
  • Play the ‘local tourist’: see Atlas Obscura to find attractions and local tours nearby that feature places that you may not have visited before. Just type your town into the search bar to see places nearby and to learn local trivia.
  • Babysitter
  • Home organizing
  • Grocery or meal delivery
  • Housekeeping or lawn service
  • Alone time: book a night for one at a nice hotel (in or out of town) that you think they would enjoy. You would be surprised how much a visual change and free time to wander can change your perspective and recharge your batteries.
  • e-Book or  e-Magazine subscription
  • Streaming music service
  • Online creative classes where they can work at their own pace. This is an especially good gift for busy people and retired alike.
  • Luxury coffee or tea
  • Fair trade dark chocolate
  • Wine or local craft beer from a region that you have visited together
  • Flowers – always a classic!