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What if there was a way to clear not only your home but you’re your physical body as well? What if there was a way to shed the layers of stuff you have collected that really don’t belong to you? What if you all you had to do was breathe?

Using an ancient form of breathwork called Pranayama Yoga, the practitioner has an opportunity to clear out congested areas within both the physical and emotional bodies. The two-part breath practice allows one to tune into their own healing needs and abilities and often results in greater mental clarity, deep relaxation and bliss.

You can create a new paradigm for living by practicing a focused breathing pattern. You can feel a state of grace and ease. It is that simple. Just breathe.

Please refer to the calendar below for locations and times of Lili’s Breathwork classes.  Check back often as new classes are added regularly.

November 18, 2017

No events scheduled for today!