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Breathwork for Addiction Article

This is an inspiring article about breathwork being used for addiction recovery and treatment right here in Los Angeles, from our friend Nathaniel V. Dust. Nathaniel has an interesting, offbeat approach to healing: "Heretic Healer" is his title and his methods are very effective. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Chances to Experience Breathwork with Lili

The modern world can be complex, cluttered and stressful...
A simple way to release the "daily grind" is to tune
into the natural rhythm of our breath. 
Lili's breathwork meditation is a peaceful, supportive
practice that unwinds and uplifts you.
The physical act of breathing often encourages:

•emotional release
•renewed sense of well-being
•a state of calm or homeostasis
Walk out of the studio having experienced
breath in a whole new way. 

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