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How Clutter Affects Your Mind

How Clutter Affects your Mind (and What To Do About It)

So many people want to do it all: keep a clean home, cook healthy meals, work out, tackle their seemingly infinite to-do list, spend time with friends, and thrive at work – biting off more than they can chew. For some, the automatic response to a busy schedule is to leave any cleaning and organizing for “later” – you know, when things calm down. You may know how clutter can make you feel, but do you know how clutter affects your mind? 
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Energy Preservation – Know Your Boundaries

Watching a loved one suffer is heartbreaking; it’s natural to feel compelled to help. Many people believe helping someone means sharing their burdens, which can be physically, emotionally and mentally draining. I’m sharing a few of my life preserving energy tips when the need to set boundaries arises.  Read more

Delegating at Home

I have a dirty little secret – I hate washing dishes! I’ll meal prep weekly to save time in the kitchen, but cleaning up almost negates that purpose! Trying to keep a clean home while balancing work and life can be a huge burden on a person. It’s time to assess – what can I delegate? Read more

Closet Clutter: One Piece, Three Outfits

The Effortless Closet shares how she created a more versatile and efficient wardrobe by cleaning out closet clutter.


Guest post by Randi of The Effortless Closet.

Outfit 1

I’m so honored to be sharing a little bit of my story here. The ideas Clutter Healing focuses on of living with clarity and efficiency really resonate with me.  

I used to be overwhelmed with a closet full of clothes, but somehow I never had anything to wear. I didn’t feel comfortable or confident in the outfits I put together, so I filled the void by buying even more clothes. It was a vicious cycle that just wasn’t working for me anymore. So I started paring down my closet and that’s when I realized that less truly is more.  Read more

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Making Space for What Really Matters

When it comes to identifying the things holding us back from being the best possible versions of ourselves, everyone’s process is different; but one thing is almost always the same – clutter. Having a lot of clutter means you’re not making space for what really matters, you’re not leaving any room for yourself to move or grow – all the available space is already occupied. There is a literal, physical clutter between you and your dreams. Read more

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Four Steps to Stop Procrastinating and Get Into Action

Procrastinating: we all do it. I know getting the ball rolling on any organizing project can be hard. You look at a gorgeous closet or pantry on Instagram and say, “Yes, that’s exactly what I want my house to look like!” Yet your reality is far from the image staring back at you. So how do we get from where we are, usually some state of panic, anxiety or overwhelm, to a picture perfect daily existence? I’ve come up with a four step process to help you get going even when it feels impossible. Read more